The ARCHE Information Literacy Committee was formed in the spring of 2016 to create resources and provide a forum for ARCHE members interested in developing and enhancing Information Literacy programs at their university.

Collectively, the libraries of ARCHE member institutions contain millions of volumes and countless periodicals, journals and other print and electronic educational resources. Through ARCHE, these vast resources are shared among member institutions’ students and faculty. Member institutions also collaborate with the region’s major non-university libraries and archives through ARCHE’s affiliated library members.

About ARCHE, the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education

The Atlanta region enjoys a concentration of colleges and universities matched by few U.S. metropolitan areas. Their diversity of programs and collective resources make the Atlanta region one of America’s leading centers for higher education.

Nineteen public and private colleges and universities comprise the membership of ARCHE, as well as five affiliated libraries. ARCHE brings them together to build awareness of the campuses collective scope, impact and value, and to help them share strengths through cooperative programs.

We work to strengthen public support for higher education, promote economic and community development, and help our members collaborate in ways that leverage their individual strengths. ARCHE offers cooperative programs  – such as library sharing and cross registration for courses  –  that help our member institutions expand opportunities for students, faculty and staff.